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Visual Arts Family Collaboration

(painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture) & Written/Spoken Arts (poetry, creative writing)

Contest Ended
Despite the masks, our true colours still shine. Acrylic on board and masks.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Weare Family
Age: 46, 44, 11, 8
Covid is an individually unique experience for everyone but we are always growing together.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: R, B, A and L Brasser
Age: 54, 42, 13, 11
During COVID-19 a lot of things have changed, rules lives and pretty much everything. The different colours show how things change but in a way there is still peace.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: S and A Weare
Age: 11 & 8
Truck drivers doing their best to keep up with deliveries throughout covid. Adapting to the changing rules and guidelines. This was s fun project to work on with our family, coming up with ideas and layout, then deciding how we
Author : wright
Contestant Name: The Wielinga Family
Age: 12 46
“Mad like a lion, Angry like a bear, Scared like a mouse, Worried like a walrus, Sad like an elephant, Jealous like a giraffe, Frustrated like a crocodile” PN Photography by Jessica N – Poetry by Phoebe N
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Jessica and Phoebe N
Age: 37, 7
We made these in a family pottery class to cozy up with a warm drink on a cold COVID afternoon.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: J Johnston
Age: 46, 16, 11