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Performing Arts Family Collaboration

(composition, instrument, vocal) & Performing Arts (acting, dancing, skating)

Contest Ended
Our family enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, biking, skiing, tobogganing or playing sports. We are so thankful that we are still able to play outside end enjoy the sunshine, despite the covid lockdowns. This was a fun video to make.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: The Wielinga Family
Age: 12 46
This contest inspired our family to try something new. We created a light-hearted song about the pandemic… Weird Al Yankovic style. We decided to use the tune, ‘Be Our Guest’ from Beauty & The Beast. And then our family brainstormed
Author : wright
Contestant Name: The Stevenson's
Age: 9 40
#ModernFamily‚Äč Parody Due to the increased amount of time spent watching TV, we created this video to show our kids the work involved creating content. So proud of our kids for their patience and curiosity making this video.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: The Banerjee Family (Kristy, Beau, Arlo and Ariana)
Age: 30/29/9/8