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Visual Arts Ages 18+

(painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture) & Written/Spoken Arts (poetry, creative writing)

* PLEASE submit your entry with a JPG image ONLY

Contest Ended
A day in the life of Tiny.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: John Perrone
Age: 71
Showing how different emotions can impact a person and how little bit of kindness can go a long way
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Sabrina Bainbridge
Age: 19
12×16 Acrylic on canvass
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Sharon Vander Werf
Age: 56
This painting is acrylic on canvas and is a portrait of Elton John. The reasoning behind why I decided to submit this painting is because Elton has displayed his kindness not only through his music but through charity and philanthropy.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Kaylee Armstrong
Age: 21
This entry is a fourm of kindness showing a father Making memories with his son. Looking up at the colorfull sky. (MY artist handle is Masu)
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Ronin Alkan
Age: 18
Captured as the bride (Jazmine) and groom (Heath) walked together, hand in hand, for the first time.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Greg Horton
Age: 38
Childhood Heroes is a 20 x 24 oil paining. As children, we looked up to our parents, older siblings, or trusted adults and called them our influences. For myself, I was influenced by the media, watching a lot of TV
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Brinda Taneja
Age: 19
A stand of lovely Tiger Lilies growing freely in the wild represent all the indigenous children. This photo was taken when the first unmarked graves were found in Canada at Residential Schools.
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Barbara Hulme Baetz
Age: 70
This photograph was one of the kindest moments of my life. My child met 2 other girls from opposite sides of the globe that share a rare diagnosis. Their share of kindness to each other is strong and they keep
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Tammy Bonney
Age: 51
Sunflowers follow the sun… But did you know when it is cloudy and gray, they face each other and share their energy. Imagine if we all would do this too. -Unknown
Author : wright
Contestant Name: Jeanette Wielinga
Age: 41
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