“Bound Together”

For my Entry into the 2020-2021 Wright foundation Art Contest, I chose to do a sketch depicting the Essential/Front line workers and services in our community of Strathroy. The Primary Mediums used when creating this piece were Artist pencils (2H-6B) along with Coloured pencils, Fine tip and coloured pens, and White Charcoal. This was composed on a 17”x12” piece of sketch paper.
My Dad is a Firefighter and I have numerous relatives and family friends that work in the medical and law enforcement fields. I wanted to convey the sacrifices that these individuals make on a daily basis to ensure our safety, Pandemic or not. I chose to leave them faceless because I didn't want this part of the piece to apply to just me. To someone else, they could represent a relative or close friend that is also an essential worker. I wanted to make this aspect of the image apply to everyone.
the lock and chain surrounding the drawing symbolize the "lockdown" we are all experiencing, and at the top of the image there is a dove, the universal symbol of hope and peace. The dove is carrying the key to the lock in its beak, representing our hope of a cure and the end of the lockdown.

Thank you to the Mary Wright Foundation, as well as judges for allowing me and other young artists in our community a chance to display our abilities and further our artistic careers.

Additional Information

Contestant Name: I Bos
Age: 16
Author : wright

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